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Bakehouse Transition

It is with hopeful hearts and bright eyes that we announce the next stage of Sunflower Bakehouse.

Starting Monday, June 1st we will be transitioning to a facility that carries wheat-based breads options.

We will be bringing in pre-made: 

  • Wheat Buns for our Burgers 

  • Traditional Hoagie Rolls for our Sandwiches 

  • English Muffins for our Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Our famous BBQ Sandwich from the Cafe

(None of these items are produced in the Bakehouse. They are all brought in from outside facilities.)


We will continue to provide all of the GF bread options that we have had from the beginning and we will always take great care to avoid any cross-contamination.​

The Bakery portion of our restaurant will remain strictly 100% gluten-free and will continue to provide the same incredible baked goods you’ve come to know and love. 

All baked goods produced in our bakery will remain 100% GF.

We understand more than most the importance of a dedicated gluten-free facility and we tried our hardest to maintain that.

With this understanding we are taking extensive measures to protect our Gluten Free guests. Measures such as keeping our Bakery strictly GF, putting the pre-made wheat breads straight into their dedicated containers, and our kitchen being notified immediately of any severe allergies.

This decision was not made lightly and was weighed heavily over the course of months.

Like everyone, we were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and work tirelessly to stay afloat, unfortunately to continue staying afloat we will be bringing in outside bread rather than making all of our breads from scratch.

By bringing in breads, there will be options for folks that do not require GF breads, and most exciting ~ the Bakery will be able to focus on dessert and baked goods development!!

(like those upside down cakes in the photo!)

We are so excited for this new stage of the Bakehouse and hope you guys are too!

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